Day 354: American Lady Butterfly

“This lady loves open areas and enjoys visiting gardens. The American Lady is beautifully colored with two large eye spots on the underside of the hind wings. This is the characteristic that distinguishes it from Painted Lady butterfly. The flight area is usually close to the ground so they are easy to see but getting close is difficult, they are quick fliers. The American Lady butterfly is common and they are a delight to have in any garden.” To read more click here

21 thoughts on “Day 354: American Lady Butterfly

  1. Beautiful butterfly with such pretty flowers and vibrant colors. They are as you said too quick to get a good close shot of. One of those things that is there for too short a time to fully enjoy. 🙂

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  2. That’s a beautiful and stunning photograph ! I think the butterflies might have been later this year here in Central Europe I But there’s certainly a lot around at the moment. I was pleased to see that Cynthia’s Fritillary the other day. It’s black and amber colours reminded me of my football (soccer) team, Hull City, who started the season off by beating last year’s champions, Leicester City. 🙂

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