Day 342: Silver-spotted Skipper

“The Silver-spotted Skipper almost never visits yellow flowers but favors blue, red, pink, purple, and sometimes white and cream-colored ones. These include everlasting pea, common milkweed, red clover, buttonbush, blazing star, and thistles.” To read more click here

17 thoughts on “Day 342: Silver-spotted Skipper

  1. Oh it’s a beauty 😀 I’ve been seeing lots of our small golden skippers this summer! They like purples and yellows. Mostly yellows though! Ragwort, St John’s Wart and birdsfoot trefoil seem to be the favourites but they also go for the purple vetch and thistle.

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  2. A really striking photo both of colour intensity and detail ~ beautiful Jackie 🙂 ! Seems the parent likes to make their offspring work for their food reading the info 😉

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