Day 311: Firewheel

“Firewheel or indian blanket is a popular annual growing 1-2 ft. tall. The hairy stem is usually much-branched and becomes woody at the base late in the season. Branched stems, mostly leafy near the base, have showy flower heads with rays red at base, tipped with yellow, each with 3 teeth at broad end. The well-known flower heads are 1-2 in. across with a red center and a yellow outer band. Occasionally the three-cleft rays are solid orange or yellow. The disk flowers in the center are brownish red.” To read more click here

10 thoughts on “Day 311: Firewheel

  1. That’s so pretty! I planted a bunch of different seeds in a wildflower bed and I’m just waiting till things bloom to see what is what. There were a few seeds for Indian blankets.

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