Day 287: Lantana

“Lantana is a genus of about 150 species of perennial flowering plants in the verbena family, Verbenaceae. They are native to tropical regions of the Americas and Africa but exist as an introduced species in numerous areas, especially in the Australian-Pacific region. The genus includes both herbaceous plants and shrubs growing to 0.5–2 m (1.6–6.6 ft) tall. Their common names are shrub verbenas or lantanas.” To read more click here

13 thoughts on “Day 287: Lantana

  1. Ahhhh…. the Lantana is the official flower of Culver City where I live! I can’t find the name of the type but it is the smallish flower, ground cover or small bush variety. It’s on the city seal but only specified as a “sprig of lantana.” Anyway, I like the flower in all its blazing colors.

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    • I lived in Culver City for many, many years and I remember seeing these beautiful flowers but not knowing what they were. It wasn’t until I started taking photos that I finally learned the name.

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  2. One of the worst of invasive plants that have infiltrated the coastal areas of sub-tropical Australia. Of course, it is not their fault but sometimes plants that look pretty can escape the garden and before you know it, takes over millions of HA of land and strangle everything in its path.
    The blackberry is another one of those. But they still have a beauty of their own.

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