Day 284: Red-winged Black Bird

“The Red-winged Blackbird is a highly polygynous species, meaning males have many female mates – up to 15 in some cases. In some populations 90 percent of territorial males have more than one female nesting on their territories. But all is not as it seems: one-quarter to one-half of nestlings turn out to have been sired by someone other than the territorial male. Male Red-winged Blackbirds fiercely defend their territories during the breeding season, spending more than a quarter of daylight hours in territory defense. He chases other males out of the territory and attacks nest predators, sometimes going after much larger animals, including horses and people.” To read more click here

6 thoughts on “Day 284: Red-winged Black Bird

  1. Such a great shot! I don’t get to see them in town, but last month when my son and daughter in law were married up in the mountains, I saw quite a few and that was a treat.

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