Day 283: Black Swallowtail

Black Swallowtail ©Jackie Brooks“The Black Swallowtail (Papilio polyxenes) is a species of butterfly. It is also called the American Swallowtail or Parsnip Swallowtail. It is found throughout much of North America. The Black Swallowtail likes open habitats. It is found from sea level to high mountains. It is found in fields, meadows, deserts, marshes, near lakes and streams, farms, lawns, near cities, near roads, and gardens. Humans have greatly helped the Black Swallowtail. They brought non-native carrot species from Europe to North America. The Black Swallowtail uses these plants as host plants.” To read more click here

9 thoughts on “Day 283: Black Swallowtail

  1. The plant(flowers), we called them as a butterfly caller… we have in our garden too. But not same butterflies visiting us… This is great photograph. I loved them all. Thank you dear Jackie, Love, nia

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