Day 280: House Finch

“The House Finch was originally a bird of the western United States and Mexico. In 1940 a small number of finches were turned loose on Long Island, New York, after failed attempts to sell them as cage birds (“Hollywood finches”). They quickly started breeding and spread across almost all of the eastern United States and southern Canada within the next 50 years.The total House Finch population across North America is staggering. Scientists estimate between 267 million and 1.4 billion individuals.” To read more click here Pictured: Female House Finch

15 thoughts on “Day 280: House Finch

    • Thank you! Also, I know I owe you an email reply and I’m so sorry it’s taking so long. I’m going crazy getting ready for my daughters arrival this Friday. I’m so excited that I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off. lol

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      • LOL ;-D I can just imagine all the excitement with only a couple more days till she arrives!! Don’t even worry yourself about emails You all just have a lovely special time together….goodness knows it will go so quickly. Take Care Jackie, we can catch up soon BIG HUGS XO 🙂

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