Day 273: Yellow Rocket

“Yellow rocket is a winter annual or biennial. The leaves which are glossy dark green, develop in a rosette. The basal leaf consist of a round terminal lobe with smaller lateral lobes that form opposite on the leaf petiole. The plant can reach heights of 2- to 3-feet, but it can tolerate mowing in a turf situation. The root of yellow rocket consist of a taproot with a fibrous root system. The flower of yellow rocket is yellow in color and appear in the late spring. The flowers form in a cluster at the end of stems, with individual flowers consisting of 4 petals. Yellow rocket spreads by seed. Yellow rocket is mostly found in the eastern portion of the United States, but it can be found throughout most of the United States.” To read more about Yellow Rocket click here and here

10 thoughts on “Day 273: Yellow Rocket

  1. There is something about yellow flowers that really brightens my day~ a lovely post!
    I’m so behind with everything today…sigh;-/ Hope you have a lovely weekend Jackie 😉 !!

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    • It is! I’ve edited my post and added another link to a website that has info about that. Thanks for the heads up – I should have mentioned that in my post. :-/


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