Day 267: Hardy Hibiscus

“Hardy hibiscus create huge colorful blooms, not to be confused with the smaller tropical houseplant varieties. Unlike the smaller tropical houseplant variety, hardy hibiscus grow well in many parts of the country including colder climates to zone 4. They were created from a few little-known wild hibiscus species from North America and will illuminate any spot in the garden. The other great thing about hibiscus is that they are extremely easy to grow. All they ask for is full sun, decent soil, and some pruning once in awhile.” To read more click here

12 thoughts on “Day 267: Hardy Hibiscus

  1. I have 2 blood red ones out in front of my house and people often stop to ask what they are, and where they can get some. It’s always something I’m checking on in the spring, out front to see if the hibiscus have sprouted up yet.

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