Day 265: Morgan Point

“Morgan Point derives its name from Deacon James Morgan, who in 1712 gained ownership of the southern tip of the peninsula on the west side of the mouth of the Mystic River. Morgan’s descendants were mariners and shipbuilders, and it was Morgan’s great-great-grandson, Roswell Avery Morgan, owner of the local boat shop, who sold the property to the federal government in 1831 to build a lighthouse. A twenty-five-foot granite tower and a separate stone keeper’s house with six rooms were finished that same year. A veteran of the War of 1812 named Ezra Daboll was the first keeper of Morgan Point Lighthouse, and when he died in 1838, his wife Eliza was appointed the new keeper. With six children to look after as well as the light, Eliza had her hands full. Her oldest daughter helped out with some chores, and legend has it that sailors often heard her singing loudly during storms to keep her courage up.” To read more click here

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