Day 256: Lisianthus

“Lisianthus is the name for the cultivated form of the eustoma plant. Commonly referred to as the Texas Bluebell or Blue Field Daisy, these flowers come in purple, lilac, pink and white varieties. Lisianthus flowers are decorative ornamental plants which can be grown as indoor pot plants or cultivated for use in cut-flower arrangements. The plants can grow from 15cm to as much as 60cm in height depending on conditions. The species is distinguished by its wide, bell-shaped flower heads, oval leaves and blue-tinged stems. Lisianthus flowers can be found in single or double-petal varieties, in either one or two colours.” To read more click here

14 thoughts on “Day 256: Lisianthus

    • I thought they might be roses the first time I saw them but the stems and leaves didn’t look like roses. It took me awhile before I figured it out. Thank goodness for the internet it makes researching things so much easier. 😀

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