Day 253: Mallard Duck

“If someone at a park is feeding bread to ducks, chances are there are Mallards in the fray. Perhaps the most familiar of all ducks, Mallards occur throughout North America and Eurasia in ponds and parks as well as wilder wetlands and estuaries. The male’s gleaming green head, gray flanks, and black tail-curl arguably make it the most easily identified duck. Mallards have long been hunted for the table, and almost all domestic ducks come from this species.” To read more click here

18 thoughts on “Day 253: Mallard Duck

  1. They are beautiful with their colors and graceful in the water. Yesterday, while on our walk at a nearby nature preserve we saw a whole family of little ones and their mama on the lake, with all of the babies following right behind their mama. I didn’t have my camera and regret that so much that I could not get their picture. It was a moment in time I know and vow to take along my camera now on all walks. 🙂 They are so interesting and fun to watch.

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    • How wonderful you were able to see a momma and her babies! It is shame that you did not have your camera with you but if you start carrying one with you on your walks from now on I’ll bet you will get another chance to see something special like that and capture it. 😀

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