Day 248: Brant Point Lighthouse

“…this replica of the Brant Point Lighthouse on Nantucket was built in 1966. When the first Brant Point Light was built in 1746, it was the second operative lighthouse in New England (the first being Boston Light dating from 1716). The wooden tower, built in 1900 and on which Mystic Seaport’s replica was modeled after, is the lowest lighthouse in New England with its light only 26 feet above sea level. Like the original on Nantucket, which has a 1,300 candlepower electric light and is visible for ten miles, the Brant Point Lighthouse replica contains a fourth-order Fresnel lens. Developed in France during the 1830s, the Fresnel lens, which efficiently focuses light to create that strong beam of light that characterizes lighthouses of today, was one of the most significant developments in lighthouse technology.” To read more click here

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