Day 248: Persian Buttercup

Persian Buttercup ©Jackie Brooks“If flowering bulbs are one of nature’s mysteries, watching the claw-like tuber of a ranunculus produce three dozen rosette-shaped flowers must be one of nature’s miracles. For sheer petal count, it’s hard to top the ranunculus, also known as the Persian buttercup. If you’ve seen them in flower arrangements, you’ve probably been tempted to flick your thumb across the flower’s surface as one would rifle through a voluminous book. However, this would bruise the tissue paper-thin petals of these delicate beauties. Ranunculus flowers are popular as wedding flowers, as they are inexpensive, showy, and long lasting as cut flowers.” To read more click here

14 thoughts on “Day 248: Persian Buttercup

    • The supermarket I go to usually only carries generic bouquets but it looks like they are improving their floral depart. I was surprised and happy to find this flower as well as other interesting flowers and plants. You can find them online but only as bulbs.


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