Day 240: Protecting Monarchs

“Populations of the charismatic orange and black monarch butterfly have plummeted in recent years. To help with conservation efforts, scientists have calculated the extinction risks for the eastern migratory population of monarchs, which overwinter in Mexico and migrate up through North America during warm spring and summer months. Their new data suggest that these butterflies have a 11–57% chance of going quasi-extinct if new efforts are not taken to protect them. The study was published in Scientific Reports on March 21, 2016. Eastern monarch populations have declined by about 80% over the last decade, primarily because of the destruction of important breeding sites inhabited by milkweed in the U.S. ” To read more click here. To read why monarch butterflies are important click here.

16 thoughts on “Day 240: Protecting Monarchs

      • Oh I know!! My step-daughter has just seeded and planted up a flower bed designed for bees 🙂 I have lots of wildflowers etc for all the insects in my garden! There are big drives going on to try to get farmers to leave borders of wildflowers and grasses around their crops. It’s actually going well in some areas and of course increases the bird numbers too 🙂 Farming in the US is on such a colossal industrial scale though and that’s why the problem is so big over there 😦 There needs to be wildlife corridors across the states to allow for migration and movement of bee colonies.

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  1. Reminds me to make another attempt to find milkweed at the nursery. It is so popular that when I go I am always told they are out of stock!

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