Day 230: Cedar Waxwing

“The Cedar Waxwing is a medium-sized, sleek bird with a large head, short neck, and short, wide bill. Waxwings have a crest that often lies flat and droops over the back of the head. The wings are broad and pointed, like a starling’s. The tail is fairly short and square-tipped. Interesting facts: The Cedar Waxwing is one of the few North American birds that specializes in eating fruit. It can survive on fruit alone for several months. Brown-headed Cowbirds that are raised in Cedar Waxwing nests typically don’t survive, in part because the cowbird chicks can’t develop on such a high-fruit diet. Because they eat so much fruit, Cedar Waxwings occasionally become intoxicated or even die when they run across overripe berries that have started to ferment and produce alcohol.” To read more click here

21 thoughts on “Day 230: Cedar Waxwing

  1. I love the cedar waxwings. We had some for a little while and they changed everything with their color. They must eat something besides fruit in the winter, but hate it so bad when the fruit arrives on the vine again they eat it exclusively. Amazing birds!


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