Day 197: Flower Friday

“The daylily is often called “the perfect perennial”, due to its brilliant colors, ability to tolerate drought and frost and to thrive in many different climate zones, and generally low maintenance. It is a vigorous perennial that lasts for many years in a garden, with very little care and adapts to many different soil and light conditions. Daylilies have a relatively short blooming period, depending on the type. Some will bloom in early spring while others wait until the summer or even autumn. Most daylily plants bloom for one to five weeks, although some will bloom twice in one season (“rebloomers)”.” To read more click here [The daylily in the photo was taken in the spring of 2015 it is called Daylily (Hemerocallis ‘Black Caesar’)]

19 thoughts on “Day 197: Flower Friday

  1. ….I do love them, and love this photograph! I like how the foliage is as interesting as the flower–very different from the leaves of my other perennials, and make an attractive foreground for taller, spikey-type plants.

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