Day 195: Smooth Rock Tripe

Umbilicaria mammulata, or Smooth Rock Tripe, is a foliose lichen found on boulders and rock walls.This species is found on boulders and steep rock walls in forests and around lakes. It grows on several types of rock substrate, such as acid rock, sandstone, quartz, and granitic rock. Like most lichens, U. mammulata is sensitive to air and water quality. If conditions are optimal, seeing rocks or cliffs covered in dinner plate sized thalli is not unusual. However, it has been suggested that U. mammulata is not as sensitive to pH and water quality as it is to the frequency and duration of precipitation.” To read more click here

5 thoughts on “Day 195: Smooth Rock Tripe

  1. You always teach me things Jackie. At first glance I thought it was leaves. Thanks for all the good info you give us, as well as your pictures. Hope you’re feeling better. 🙂

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