Day 191: Butter-and-Eggs

Butter-and-Eggs ©Jackie Brooks“Butter-and-eggs is herbaceous plant that belongs to figwort family. It originates from Europe and Asia. Besides in native habitats, butter-and-eggs is widespread in North America today where it often grows as weed (especially in Canada). The name “butter-and-eggs” refers to yellow, bi-colored flowers that have yolk-like central parts. It produces bluish-green, grass-like, linear leaves. They are gathered in whorls or oppositely arranged on the bottom part of the stem. Leaves on the upper part of the stem are smaller and usually alternately arranged. Butter-and-eggs is also known as “common toadflax” because of the shape of the flowers that look like toad’s mouth. Butter-and-eggs is sometimes cultivated as ornamental plant because of its flowers that have long vase life.” To read more click here

12 thoughts on “Day 191: Butter-and-Eggs

    • Thank you for your kind words about my photo. I agree with you completely – there is no wrong place to grow in the wild. How silly to think otherwise. The Alpine Toadflax is beautiful – the color is amazing. 🙂


    • “Weeds” are not only beautiful but they are important too. Like I always say – one persons weed is another’s wildflower. 🙂


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