Day 183: Sumac Berries

“Sumacs look edible and toxic at the same time, and with good reason: They’re in a family that has plants we eat and plants that can make you ill. Sumac, poison ivy, Brazilian pepper, cashews, mangoes and pistachios are all related. Poison ivy, of course, is a problem. The Brazilian pepper is on the cusp of toxic/non-toxic. Some people mistakenly call the seeds “pink peppercorns” but true “pink peppercorns” come from a Madagascar relative, not the Brazilian Pepper found in the New World. Cashews have a poisonous shell. Pistachios taste good. Many people are allergic to mango and or the peeling. Often they will also be allergic to other plants in the family as well as sumac or the sap of the sumac. Proceed accordingly. There are some 250 sumac species in the genus. All the berries of the red sumacs are edible.” To read more click here

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  1. Thanks for the post Jackie. I wonder how anyone can get really familiar with different plants and their use. I’m checking out Eat the Weeds right now. Thanks for the link and the post. I agree with makagutu. They look like they would go well with a lemon sorbet hmmmmm

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