Day 147: Monach Butterfly

“Every year in late summer and early fall, the Monarchs that live in eastern Canada and the United States escape the impending winter weather and migrate to Central Mexico, where the wintertime temperatures and humidity levels are more agreeable. The (Monarchs in western North America travel to the similarly temperate southern California, where they roost in fir and eucalyptus trees.) Researchers aren’t sure what triggers the butterflies’ migration, but every year, some instinct propels them towards their southern homes, where they live from October to March. The Monarchs’ annual journey covers around 2,500 miles each way.” To read more click here

20 thoughts on “Day 147: Monach Butterfly

  1. wow!! A monarch butterfly, you are so lucky!! I love them and I want to travel just to see them fly!! I read about them in a magazine when I was a kid. I still have vague memory of that and I am so glad you reminded me of them today! Thanks 🙂


  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a real live monach butterfly. But it is certainly the one everyone probably is most familiar with. They are amazing and so is this beautiful capture.

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