Day 130: Insects

Long Legged Fly

“What would the earth look like without insects? If all insects were to disappear (there are, according to one estimate, about one million trillion alive at any moment) the land ecosystems would collapse. Decomposition of vegetation would slow dramatically, and detritus would pile up to abnormal heights. Pollination of a large percentage of plant species would cease and with it, reproduction. The vast array of other organisms that depend on insects for food, from tiny bacteria and fungi to birds and other vertebrates, would go extinct. Forests would largely if not entirely disappear. And the remaining vegetation would regress to a far simpler, impoverished condition. If humans were to disappear, the land ecosystems would return in a few centuries to near their original healthy, balanced condition.” -Edward O. Wilson (Source)

13 thoughts on “Day 130: Insects

  1. Wow! if there was a colour on offer, this little guy certainly got it’s fair share …and then some ๐Ÿ˜‰ We may find little insects a bit of a pain sometimes, BUT, we certainly wouldn’t survive without them!!

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