Day 72: Fungophobia

“The term “fungophobia” was coined by William Delisle Hay of England, who noted a national superstition or fear of “toadstools”. He described the “fungus-hunter” as being contemptible and detailed the larger demographic’s attitude toward mushrooms as “abnormal, worthless, or inexplicable”. Fungophobia spread to the United States and Australia, where it was inherited from England. The underlying cause of a cultural fungophobia may also be related to the exaggerated importance placed on the few deadly and poisonous mushrooms found in the region of that culture. In these regions, mushrooms were also sometimes regarded as magic or satanic, their fruiting bodies appearing quickly overnight from underground.” (source)

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  1. Growing up in England I was always fascinated by all the different kinds of toad stools… they are magical plants because, as you know, the faeries live under them! And I love mushrooms… good substitute for meat.

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