Day 61: Backyard Birds

“Not to have so much as a bowing acquaintance with the birds that nest in our gardens or under the very eaves of our houses; that haunt our wood-piles; keep our fruit-trees free from slugs; waken us with their songs, and enliven our walks along the roadside and through the woods, seems to be, at least, a breach of etiquette toward some of our most kindly disposed neighbors.” –Neltje Blanchan (Pictured: Female House Sparrow. To learn more about this bird click here)

16 thoughts on “Day 61: Backyard Birds

    • Thank you! They are interesting birds to watch. They really can get into some loud disagreements at times. Especially this time of year – the spring. 🙂

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  1. That’s a great shot and I love the quote. I have talked to people who have no idea what kinds of birds they have in their yard, and I can’t imagine not wanting to know that. When I ever see one I don’t recognize, which isn’t often any more, I run to get the bird identification book to learn about it. How can you not want to know about them……..I don’t understand.

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  2. Isn’t she lovely?! And a wonderful quote too match your picture, she looks as if she is giving you time to catch her just right 😉 The world would be like a morgue without our feathered friend’s voices.

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