Day 57: Parrot Tulips

“Parrot Tulips have petals that are feathered, curled, twisted, or waved. Besides this, the flowers are very large and brightly coloured. As a result, Parrot Tulips are extremely flamboyant. If you want dramatic tulips, these are a great choice. Parrot Tulips were developed from mutations of certain late-flowering tulips, and from tulips in the Triumph class. As a result, some are late spring flowering, and some are mid-spring flowering.” (Source)

22 thoughts on “Day 57: Parrot Tulips

  1. A great picture and a lovely composition too! The grouping seems to shout out to me a little family unit – almost as if it is a family portrait, but for parrot tulips – maybe I am just a little strange (but you know that already LOL) but looking at them I can see ‘Father’ at the back tall and strong, mother just in front of him, with a petal gently caressing his face and their three offspring, the oldest(or tallest) to his right is looking up to him, the smallest on the left of mother is looking up to her, and the third kind of gives the impression of being uninterested or not wanting to be there, almost ‘staring’ off into the far right distance!!!! I love it 😀

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