Day 55: Catkin

Paper Birch Catkins ©Jackie Brooks

Catkins: “Elongated cluster of single-sex flowers bearing scaly bracts and usually lacking petals. Many trees bear catkins, including willows, birches, and oaks. Wind carries pollen from male to female catkins or from male catkins to female flowers that take a different form (e.g., in spikes).” (Source) Pictured: Paper Birch catkins

18 thoughts on “Day 55: Catkin

  1. We have a tiny corkscrew Hazel, which produced a couple of tiny catkins for the first time this year ! Though certainly not as impressive as your subject – such lovely colours 🙂

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      • I think it is almost eight years since I bought it, though it has only grown to two feet high in all that time – it’s definitely a slow developer! Mind you, in our small garden that is a good thing, otherwise Andy would have had to do his ”gardening” on it ;-/ Maybe next year , now it has started to produce catkins, it’ll give a better show.

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