Day 49: Intoxicating Fragrance

Koreanspice viburnum (Viburnum carlesii) “This deciduous shrub with toothed, dark green leaves bears pink buds in late spring that open to white or pink-flushed flowers borne in domed clusters. The intoxicating fragrance is reminiscent of spice cake. The plant also has attractive red foliage and berries in the fall.” To read more about this plant click here

14 thoughts on “Day 49: Intoxicating Fragrance

  1. they look like jasmine – which smells wonderfully and also its flowers don’t last very long – how I regret it – I love the sweet intense fragrance at sunset on warmer days. They are all gone now – I miss them already!

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  2. Fabulous Jackie. I love how you have captured this with some buds so we can see the pink tint. And in the ‘read more’ part, where we can see more from a distance, it becomes clear that each cluster (or is the correct word ‘inflourescence’? Not sure but I came across this somewhere) forms one big flower head. Lovely. xx


    • I got to the plant in the nick of time. Once the buds start opening they quickly disappear. Inflorescence is the correct word! 😀 It does form a big flower head – it looks like a bouquet of beautiful white flowers. Also, the smell is as it is described – it’s hard not to just stand there breathing in deeply. I find the aroma very calming. 🙂 xx

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