Day 43: Andromeda

“A native of Japan, andromeda (Pieris japonica) is a handsome broadleaf evergreen shrub that makes an ideal foundation or specimen plant. It’s a slow-growing shrub that can reach 10 feet tall if left unpruned. In the early spring, andromeda develops arching clusters of white flowers that resemble lily-of-the-valley blooms (there are also pink-flowering forms, as well as types that have reddish or pinkish new growth)” (Source)

20 thoughts on “Day 43: Andromeda

  1. So pretty as is the pink version too. It must be lovely to see the shrubs in full flower. I wonder if they have the sweet smell like lily of the valley? Our neighbour has that growing in her garden and used to bring me little bunches in a vase.

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    • It really is beautiful! It seems like landscapers really like to use it around apartment buildings. There are quite a few of them on the property where my apartment building is.

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