Day 42: The Seaport Druggist

“The druggist was an important man in any 19th-century community, but especially so in a seaport because he supplied the medicines and medical supplies used on ships at sea. His knowledge was greatly valued, since few ships carried a doctor and the responsibility for treating the crew fell on the master of the vessel. The seaport druggist did a substantial business in the stocking and refitting of ships’ medicine chests.” To read more about this exhibit and others at Mystic Seaport click here

24 thoughts on “Day 42: The Seaport Druggist

  1. Such a great shot Jackie and a wonderful place it would be to visit. History of a different kind, since most people don’t know about being at sea back then and what all needed to happen for those people.

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  2. Isn’t it lovely to see how the actual shops would have looked?!… and I really love the vintage look you have edited into this picture! 🙂 I can see why you love visiting the Mystic Seaport, it must be like stepping back in time when you are around the buildings, as well as enjoying the open tranquil spaces as well


    • Thank you – I’m so glad you like the vintage processing on the photo. It really is like stepping back in time. Especially when they have volunteers who work there who are very knowledgeable about the exhibits. You learn a lot but it is also fun and relaxing. 🙂

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      • It’s always nice to hear true facts about the history of exhibits and the surroundings…I wonder if the volunteers dress in authentic period clothes as well? It would certainly set the scene perfectly for visitors, I should imagine, to get a real feel of the times gone by! 🙂

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          • That’s nice, though as you say it really wouldn’t spoil anything if none of the volunteers dressed up!

            I’m sorry there seems to be a big delay in responding tonight, Apparently my email server has updated itself with a new self!! and, it’s throwing all sorts of things all over – finding things in spam – I’m sure it will improve soon – probably just teething trouble ;-/

            Have a lovely weekend Jackie! 🙂

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