Day 16: More Birdsongs

“The Song Sparrow sings a loud, clanking song of 2–6 phrases that typically starts with abrupt, well-spaced notes and finishes with a buzz or trill. In between, the singer may add other trills with different tempo and quality. The song usually lasts 2-4 seconds. Patterns of songs vary over the species’ enormous range, so the Song Sparrows you hear when traveling may not sound quite like those from your hometown.” (Source: All About Birds) To read more about Song Sparrows and listen to their songs and calls click here

23 thoughts on “Day 16: More Birdsongs

  1. I’m always in awe of how much detail you capture Jackie, a lovely picture of a beautiful little bird! Listening to their song certainly brightens the day, and it’s really nice that they have different localised versions too πŸ™‚


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